Beauty Secrets by Helen Robinson Ltd

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For Men

The modern man now discovers the benefits of SPMU.....
Natural Enhancement micropigmentation procedures- not only to correct medically related problems, but also as a surgery-free route to an improved appearance. 
Now more than ever it is acceptable for men to spend as long as women in front of the bathroom mirror. 

Male Treatments
Its no longer a secret that the modern man is more aware of his appearance, permanent cosmetics can enhance facial features for men without looking like make-up.
Whether it is to correct a medical problem such as scarring or whether you're simply looking for a natural enhancement to your appearance I can help you.

Eyebrows for Men / Brow Revival
Eyebrows lost through Alopecia or Illness, or maybe damaged by scarring through a sporting injury or accident can be made to look well shaped and natural again.

Eyelash enhancement / Discreet lash definer
Eyelash enhancement unlike women's eyeliner is carefully dotted between the lashes to give a natural enhancement without looking like make-up, it thickens and darkens your eyelashes giving your eyes a fuller look but most importantly looks very natural.

Missing Scalp / Facial Hair
Whether you have missing hair through injury, surgery or hair transplant on your scalp or face, 3D hair stroke is used to simulate hair and camouflage the area of missing hair. Scalp camouflage is not suitable for larger areas or male pattern baldness.

Lip Contour / Tint
As a man you can also add a natural lip colour to your lips to define the shape. I will use a skin tone pigment so it will look very natural and does not look like make-up at all. Highlighting technique can be used around the outer edge of the lip line to enhance shape and give definition. A lighter skin tone pigment is used to create the illusion of a more defined lip shape it blends into your own skin tone looking very natural and discreet.