Beauty Secrets by Helen Robinson Ltd

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Medical Tattooing can help improve the appearance of men and woman with physical abnormalities related to the following conditions: 

Alopecia Areata
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift (mastopexy)
Breast Reduction
Breast Reconstruction
Burns (scars, contractions)
Cleft Lip and Palette
Eyebrow Transplant
Face Lift (scars)
Hypo-pigmentation (missing colour)  
Missing facial hair (eyebrows, moustache, sideburns)
Missing Scalp hair (scars, bald patches)
Surgical Scars (all surgery types)
Trauma Scars (accidents, injuries)
Vitiligo (skin de-pigmentation)

MCA- (Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation) - Skin Needling

MCA is also known as dry needling and micro needling and can help flatten, soften and relax scars whether they are a result of an accident or surgery. 

Both scars and Burns can be treated with MCA 12 months after the skin has healed. The results are amazing and are often visible after the first treatment. MCA works by stimulating the collagen, elastin and melanin activity in your skin forcing it to repair itself naturally. Skillfully treating the area can help the scar to blend with the surrounding healthy skin. This helps to re-pigment the scar and relax taught tissue improving the overall appearance.

Application of MCA or Dry Needling for Burns and Skin Grafts:

Scar Relaxation:  Burns and accidents can create fibrous bands of scar tissue that often contract and limit movement. Needling can break down the contracted scar tissue to increase mobility and flexibility. This process is referred to as scar tissue relaxation or relaxation of scar tissue.

What are the Benefits of Needling? :

Epidermis Remains Intact: Needling does not remove or damage the outer skin layer (epidermis) entirely like other resurfacing methods do. The healthy skin and blood vessels in-between the lines, wrinkles, or scars is preserved. That improves healing, collagen production and long term results.

Less Pigmentation Changes:Because the epidermis is left untouched, there is less risk of permanent structural damage such as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (skin darkening) or de-pigmentation (colour loss or skin whitening).

Fewer Side Effects: There are no side effects such as thinning of the skin or increased sun sensitivity because the epidermis is preserved. Skin needling uses no artificial fillers so the chance of an allergic reaction or infection is also minimized.

Fast Healing and Downtime: Needling is precisely controlled and creates minimal dermal trauma. Healing is rapid with a short downtime of only a few days.

On going Treatments are Possible: Other resurfacing methods cannot be repeated indefinitely because they eventually thin the skin and create photosensitivity, but needling can be repeated safely because the dermis becomes thicker in treated areas instead of thinner. Also resurfacing methods must avoid the delicate eye area, but needling can safely treat areas around the eyes such as "crows feet". It can also be performed safely on skin that previously had laser resurfacing treatments or dermabrasion.