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           Permanent Eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement
    Smokey Lash Enhancement     

Applying eyeliner can be a very difficult and time consuming. With permanent eyeliner a subtle natural look is created drawing a thin or thick (your preference) on the upper and lower eyelid making the lashes look fuller and eyes looking beautifully defined...
Most woman struggle to get their eyeliner perfect- permanent make up changes all that.
With this exceptional and very popular treatment you can say good bye to your daily routine for ever!
Eyelash enhancement - This teatment is popular with both male and female clients. The procedure brings light to the eyes when pigments are implanted in the lash line. This gives more lift to the eyes enhancing their beauty.
Opthalmologists recommend eyeliner procedures for people who have allergies to conventional cosmetics and contact lens wearers.
There are many colours to choose from, the chosen colour at first is 70% - 40% darker than the healed result, (because of epidermal cell renewal). Healing takes 3-10 days depending on the area treated

Permanent Eyebrows

Are you tired of pencilling in your brows every morning?
Most of my clients have over plucked their eyebrows over the years. Some ladies get up two hours before they have to , to draw the shape on. Imagine never having to get up early to do this again!
Do your eyebrows make you feel self conscious in your daily activities?
Do you fear rubbing them off half way through the day? Having to face people with the fear that your eyebrows are no longer in place can make you feel very self conscious. Having permanent brows would mean this would be a thing of the past.
Are you frightened that the colour will be too dark for you and by having permanent brows that you might not like the design in years to come?
With this in mind I never tattoo an eyebrow that is in fashion at the time you are in control of my pencil, I will draw a shape on that suits you but if you decide you want them thicker, thinner, longer, shorter etc I will adjust it to suit your preference. Using a shadow of what your brow use to be is the key, as this is your natural eyebrow, your individual shape, that never goes out of fashion.
I will choose a colour that matches your skin tone and hair colouring, mixing and matching the pigment to perfection. The colour can be a soft blonde, light to medium brown, or a bold brown black! Using simulated natural hair stroke procedure a powdered brow or a beautifully defined block effect! 
                                                                           Permanent Lips

As we get older our lips shrink and lose shape those of us who suffer with cold sores will also find a loss in our lips' natural lines. Permanent cosmetics can give your lips far more definition by using colours that enhance your natural lip colour...
For the more adventurous, a more dramatic effect can be acheived by using darker shades. Lip treatments can appear to change the size of your lips acheiving an incredible natural effect. Reshaping your lips will make them look fuller.
The colour and shape are slowly enhanced and a detailed analysis is performed before the treatment. Helen carefully draws on the lip and will not proceed until this is perfect and you are completely satisfied with the shape and colour.
All procedure photo's are taken immediately after treatment.
The chosen colour at first is 70% -40% darker than the healed result, (because of epidermal cell renewal).

Smokey Eyeliners